Apple iPhone 5 Review.

A friend recently purchased this device giving me the opportunity to test the hype. The iPhone 5 is extremely lightweight and an elongated version of its predecessor. The interface did not have a revamped design; therefore, my experience with the phone was uncomplicated and fast. Overall the phone was a taller, thinner familiar interface version of what apple users have used. The only prominent shortcoming was when I placed a call: a strange sensation in my ear  occurred after my call. After an outbound call, I started to feel a bit unbalanced, I wouldn’t say I was dizzy, but I did feel a bit off. I insisted that there was a flaw when the speaker was held up to the ear. I researched my theory and I was able to find several articles referring to a noise cancellation problem. My breakdown of the phone:

Design: Modern and Sleek UI: Uncomplicated, neat and familiar (if existing iPhone User) Calls: Weird sensation that seems linked to noise cancellation Final Palabra: I liked it and I am an android user.



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