Hi-Fun/Hi-Call…. talking gloves?!?!

Woah!!! You won’t find these nifty gloves at a 99-cent store anytime soon, I think. According to the Hi-Fun website these gloves are bluetooth enabled with a microphone and speaker sewn into the pinky and thumb of the glove. Charging is via a USB cord and a convenient feature is the ability to see the glove’s battery life on your phone’s screen. These gloves allow you to stand in the cold and order pizza or call the parents without ever exposing your precious hands to the cold!!!  The only downside is that I don’t own a pair….yet.slideshow_big_07-12-2012_18_41_05_slideshow_big_21-09-2012_10_37_33_slideshow_big_05-09-2012_12_01_01_callweb04


One Comment Add yours

  1. nindrap says:

    I’m buying one in every color…they better serve the XXS hand population?! haha

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