Becoming a superhero comes with a price-literally.

While you were busy watching YouTube videos to master telekinesis, the developers at Tobii Technology beat you to the punch. Tobii Technology, the world leader in eye tracking and eye control technology, has brought new life to an existing technology in the industry. Their new product, the Tobii Gaze,is a great advancement for those with spinal cord injuries or neurological disorders. The Tobii Gaze allows users to combine their eye gaze along with a touch pad to activate all Window 8 commands. Really, all you need is your eyes to control your computer!  Now, for those without immobilizing injuries or a true need for this technology, this gadget can be dangerous. What if everything starts incorporating this technology.  I can’t help but think of Wall-E and the sedentary humans who rely on technology and create an indolent society. Regardless, our ancestors would be impressed by our new-age magic. Final Word: Impressivo  Presenting the Tobii Gaze.



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