$45 dollars to be fancy like Kutcher.

Have you ever heard of thefancy.com? Me either, but Ashton Kutcher has and he is making a side business out of it. Thefancy.com is a visual cataloging service that allows users to curate collections of items they love like travel points, food and brands. Uh, isn’t that Pinterest? Maybe this quote from the company’s founder, that was used by the Huffington Post, can paint a clearer picture for us, “Instead of thinking of us as a self-expression platform, think of us as really laser-focused on a modern commerce model,” said Joe Einhorn to CNN Money. . So back to Kutcher, he just announced via twitter that he [sic] has “been collecting the dopest stuff off @thefancy…” and that for a $45 dollar subscription you can get a box with items worth $90.00+ of products each month. Fancy idea for those that like cool new gadgets and trendy shirts.  Now we can all live the A+ list thanks to Ashton Kutcher.

Final Palabra: Not essential, but at least you know about it; therefore, you are a bit more relevant in the social media sphere. If you are a trendy being, what are you waiting for sign up for your fancy box!



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