Buzz word: Ilona

So, you need something to break the ice this evening with the new colleges? Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Ilona, pause, act a bit astonished, then tell them of a new voice making significant ripples in the stale waters of music.  Are you ready, a blend of soulful and smooth sound-waves are about to slap you across the face? Ilona, a London-based (originally from Bulgaria)singer-songwriter has a new single that just hit The BEAT100 charts and you should know about it-now. ‘My Favorite Defeat’is being held accountable for thousands of head bobbing, toe-tapping outbreaks across the nation. Sonic analysts are raging about the new wave of emerging UK artists and Ilona is hailed as the main contender of unsigned musicians. Good Luck Girl!

Final Palabra:

Voice: Voice is double thumbs up. Video: Disregard the amateurish video-it’s all about the voice.



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