Topshop, Topman is coming to L.A. on 2/14/13

Los Angeles fashionista/0, you better check your credit card limit (or your parent’s or partner’s) because Topshop, Topman is coming to town.  Topshop founded in 1964, is a British clothing retailer hailed on their website as the mecca for cool girls. There are over 300 stores around the globe and Los Angeles will be the brand’s fourth location to open in America.  I had my first encounter with the store  when I visited Istanbul last September and it reminded me of an upscale H&M/Forever 21. Topshop, Topman will open their doors at The Grove in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 14, 2013. Topshop will undoubtedly attract a loyal shopping base, specifically from those who now shop at  H&M/Forever 21/Urban Outfitters.

13P01DWHT_large 13P13CNAV_large ProductDisplay

A few items from their website: Shoes $90; Mixed Panel Shirt $72; Mixed Panel Striped Shirt $56


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