Sneak Preview of Kate Upton’s 2013 Super Bowl Commercial.

Since I’m on a sports gossiping kick. Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 is the NFL Super Bowl. It is the day many Americans indulge in overeating and couch-potato’ing to the maximum; It is a day for some of us to be gluttons and wear oversized articles of clothing. In terms of viewer rankings, there is no other event like it, as it has set records as the most viewed event in history. See it isn’t all about the football, it’s about the halftime show and the commercials. It’s the time when advertisers attempt to inscribe their brands into our minds. Last I read, ad space was running at $4,000,000 every thirty seconds. For shelling out that kind of money, the commercials better be worth us giving up those 3 minute we would have used to take our bathroom breaks or food-refill-runs to the kitchen. Here are two commercial sneak peaks from Mercedes-Benz and Taco Bell. Mercedes-Benz advertisers,  I really hope the commercial gets better and throws us all for a loop. Maybe Kate will turn back and her eyes will glow Michael Jackson thriller style, who knows but this kind of comercial is nothing new. Now Taco Bell, that’s what I’m talking about! I always tell people to watch out for those senior scooter drivers; they never seem to know how to control their machines.

imgres-2 imgres-1


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