Project Runway Season 11: Recap

Season 11 is about robust personalities and clashing gay/straight egos- and I’m loving it. There are a few changes: Judge Michael Kors is out and Zac Posen is in; “new twist,” there are two teams, and no matter how fabulous your design is, if your team has a weak design you lose. Last night the two teams, who picked team names dripping in cheese, “Dream Team” and “Team Keeping It Real” (really?), were sent out to explore New York to use as an inspiration in their designs. Fast Forward to the loser. Emily Pollard came in with a pregnant ego and placed it prominently in our faces for our annoyance. She gloated about being in the top three blah blah blah, but when it came time to produce it was a disaster. It was a piece of fabric mauled by rabid dogs then glued together in the dark by children, then unglued by those same children, and stapled back together. It was bad, Heidi Klum insisted her child could have done the same thing. Let’s try to bring some logic to Emily’s design, she was obviously going for the stripper, business, metallic chic avant-garde look- I think/hope. In all fairness, good luck with your next endeavour Emily “Ego” Pollard.

This was her design…


Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.24.44 AM


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