Perfume and Infertility.

I once had a talk with my hair stylist about perfume, he was telling me how perfume was toxic and that his toddler had developed an allergy as a result of it. I never thought much about that day until yesterday, when I came across a small article related to the topic. I’m all about humans smelling good and the human race has done a pretty good job of this for centuries. Back in the day perfume was truly organic, Egyptians, famous for their oils and fragrances, would soak flora native to their region in oil and mix it to other oils or fats. Today, the industry has adulterated the organic process with chemicals to increase the longevity of a fragrance, but impregnating natural oils with chemical after chemical can’t be good, right? According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics  website, the following chemical is usually found in perfumes: Phthalates, it makes vinyl flexible (american chemistry council), and is reportedly associated with fertility problems. Yikes!   In 2010, The Environmental Working Group (EWG), analyzed data from, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and noted that the average fragrance tested contained 14 chemicals not listed on the label.

Worst Offenders for not disclosing chemicals found in their perfumes, according to research conducted by EWG, were: Chanel Coco, Britney Spears Curious, men’s Acqua di Gio and Old Spice After Hours Body Spray.

Final Palabra:  Sensitive about fertility, allergies and oh I don’t know, your well-being? Check out your perfume on the websites below to see how it ranks and start looking for natural oils. Can’t part with your signature scent? You might want to start loading up on vitamins and detox juices and ignore those pesky scientific findings that always ruin your day by telling you what you can and can’t do.

Ingredients and danger in Marc Jacobs Perfume: Click Here

Click to go to, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, website.

Click to search for your perfume here, EWG. 



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