Love’s On Target With Prabal Gurung.

Bravo Target! Clever to advertise a commercial that looks like a sappy movie trailer about love to grab our attention. Target’s latest commercial showcasing their latest designer collaboration with Prabal Gurung, resembles  a 30 second movie trailer: sentimental love song and all. The protagonist of the pseudo movie trailer is Juno actress, Olivia Thirlby, who wears Prabal Gurung’s collection in every shot. I’m sold! Thanks for the visual Target. Now, those that are unfamiliar with Gurung, he is at the forefront of American fashion. He was born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, but it was in New Delhi, India where his fashion career sprouted. Gurung took his passion of fashion to Parsons The New School for Design and upon graduating started his professional career working with Cynthia Rowley’s design team. Not long after that,  he broke solo and launched his own line in 2009. Again, what’s the big deal with this guy and why did he collaborate with Target? Ahem, well, his stuff is expensive (you can easily pay in the thousands) and worn by the who’s who of this planet: First Lady Michelle Obama to name a few. Target, has now made it possible for a larger audience to own a piece of Gurung. The collection ranges from $14-$50 American dollars.

Final Palabra: If you can find any Target’s still in stock with Gurung-buy it. It is selling like crazy on Ebay. Valentine’s day gift?


Prabal Collection at Target: Click Here


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