Monica Cruz (Penelope’s sister) and the life changing donation she recieved.

Any idea on who fathered 35-year-old Monica Cruz’s baby!? Your guess is as good as mine dear reader because Cruz opted for artificial insemination. The younger sister of Penelope Cruz stated that age served as a catalyst for resorting to the unorthodox method. Cruz’s logic rests in the fact that many childless women suffer from sleepless nights  knowing that once they hit thirty, the copious amounts of eggs they once had are now slowly declining. But, where’s the anxiety stemming from Monica? Gwen Stefani squeezed a baby out of her womb when she was 42 and your sister did it at 36, so why not you? Who cares, I’m not here to judge. The traditional way of having babies works for some women, but Cruz has proven that the biological and future needs of women are diverse; some are infertile, aggressively career-minded, gay, or unable to find Mr. right. Cruz told The Huffington Post, Latino Voices that she turned to artificial insemination, “I …wanted to talk about it because it is an opportunity to show my gratitude to all those anonymous donors that help a lot of women, like me, fulfill their lifetime dream. If with this I can help others that are in doubt, here I am for whatever you may need.”

At the time of this post, Monica’s sister, Penelope Cruz, also announced her pregnancy (natural) with Javier Bardem. This will be Penelope’s second (future trust-fund) baby.


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