A Smartphone Robot: Romo

American football fans-keep scrolling; I’m not talking about quarterback Tony Romo. Romo is a cool gadget that turns your iPhone or any other iDevice into a personal robot (iPhone people, yet another reason to gloat); it was created by a bunch of  “nerds” at Las Vegas-based startup Romotive. What’s cool about Romo is that according to Romotive’s website : software for Romo is distributed through the Apple App Store, our users download new behaviors and personalities for their robots at the click of a button. Specifications of Romo:  It allows family or friends to control the gadget from anywhere in the world (this can get creeps);  you can unlock more features the more you use him (yes-Romo is a male robot); ability to spy on the pet or friend staying at your house-spybot.

Device specifications:

  • Colors: Bright White and Brilliant Blue
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs unboxed, 1.75 lbs boxed
  • Size: 5.6″ L x 4.5″ W x 3″ H


Final Palabra: I’m on the fence about Romo. Can’t I just strap an iPhone or android on a remote-controlled car and control it with the car’s remote control, yes, I forego the small personalizations of the device, but that’s why they invented stickers. Okay I caved-I’d buy it.


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