Oh So Cool Short Film By Pixar’s Erick Oh: Heart

Art is a fundamental pillar for how some minds view this world; it is amazing what the unharnessed brain can create. Extraordinarily talented Erick Oh proves the latter with his short animation film-Heart. Oh, a Korean animator has accumulated a myriad of accolades for his work and is part of the Pixar family. His 2011 animation short, Heart, is an impressive piece that I had to continue sharing with the world. When asked in an interview with asionsonfilm.com about the meaning behind his film, Oh said, “One day I was watching news about political issues and started asking myself why we are destroying one another. Human history shows that life is full of conflicts and struggle. Heart is an 8 minute animated short containing no dialogue. It tells the story of abstract creatures who battle over a heart which symbolizes various differing values in life such as religion, wealth, love, natural resources and so on. In the end, their mixture of desire and greed over the heart leads to their destruction. However, the end is very open ended because it asks the question, ‘what if we approached things differently’. This film doesn’t contain any answers, instead it’s a huge question directed to everyone.” Excellent work Oh-excellent.

Final Palabra: Watch and share.

tt1704594Photo Credit: IMDb


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