Wearable Gadgets: Google Glass

Could Star Trek’s Geordi La Forge’s glasses and Hugh’s prosthetic eye be the inspiration for Google Glass? One can speculate, but the parallels are uncanny.

Google Glass is the newest headset/eyewear gadget developed by Google engineers; think of Glass as a hybrid of your smartphone and those metal rim glasses sans lenses lost somewhere in your apartment. The glasses digitally augment reality by seamlessly allowing the user to view a myriad of frequently viewed  smartphone features at eye level: traffic information, weather updates, calendar updates, and messages from friends. No more having to take on the easy task of looking down at our smartphones. Now that we won’t have to move our heads up and down to look at things in our hands, will those YouTube videos of people walking around with their heads buried in their phones and falling into chasms be a thing of the past?

Price:  The website, The Verge, stated it had official word from Google that the headset will cost less than $1,500 and that the gadget will be available later in 2013.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this gadget sooner than the release date you can apply for a pair using Google+ or Twitter, and tell Google what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass.





Photo: dailymail.co.uk





Photo: wired.com



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