The Sneaker Wedge à la Beyonce.






*Insert eye-roll* Mother Bee, Sasha Fierce, Queen B, Beyonce just committed People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Suicide. Apparently there was a sale on animal skin/fur and Beyonce was first in line. Her new Isabel Marant-inspired sneaker, designed with stingray, ostrich, calf hair, crocodile, and anaconda is an interesting juxtapose of indecisiveness “I can put any exotic skin on a shoe elitism”  animal skin. Well, I must have been out walking the dog when they sent out the Queen B you can do anything memo. I overheard customers can order a pair with a small bald spot on the heel to add their own personal touch to the fashionable shoe…Yikes-I’m kidding. Let’s digress from Beyonce and talk about the sneaker wedge. Whether you like them or not they are a fashion trend, and they come in an array of styles from high-end fashion to casual. Women (and some men) if you buy these shoes try to wear them with tight jeans or tights. I’d opt out of wearing them with boot cut jeans-just doesn’t have the same fashionably impression.


Check out Nike’s Dunk Sky High Collection and Topshop’s Sneaker Wedges.



Topshop AEROBIC2 Fur Wedges $90







Nike Dunk Sky High $120.




Final Palabra: If you are buying yourself the Nike’s throw in a pair for me too!


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