Apple unveiled the new iPad Air and iPad Mini today….

Expectations: Amazing! I bet it will have a keyboard! No doubt, it will have a fingerprint sensor!

Reality: No keyboard AND no sensor.

The unveiling of the iPad Air/iPad Mini today was amazing, life altering– pedestrian. By now, Apple   press conferences have trained me to expect some software upgrades for its devices and more than enough hype to keep me interested in its products. So the new iPad has some speed, an A7 chip with 64-bit architecture-that’s got to mean it’s faster right? I’ll leave that to the experts, but don’t we expect this in every new tech device released? Something new for the tablet is that the iPad Air is now hailed as the lightest tablet IN THE WORLD weighing in at 1 pound. I will pat Apple on the back for including a Retina display in the iPad Mini. Nice way to catch up Apple! For the software/tech challenged, retina display makes things look sharper. Maybe my friends are right I have high expectations. Why on earth should I expect something amazing from APPLE?  So let’s sum up the iPad Air and iPad Mini: Both have Retina Display, iPad Air starts at $499 and iPad Mini with a starting price of $399, iPad Air’s debut is Nov. 1 with the iPad mini arriving later in the month, color options are silver and white, black and space gray.


Photo Credit: ABCNEWS


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