Halloween Costume Ideas 2013

This is Halloween…this is Halloween. It’s that time of year folks when coffee shops leave my hair NOT ONLY smelling like coffee beans but a bit of pumpkin spice latte too. It’s the time of year when you don’t have to clear up the cobwebs gathering in the corner of your living room and the true personalities of friends emerge. There are a few categories that, without fail, make it to a Halloween party: goth vampire, cute superman, face painted skeleton and a sexed-up version of just about any animal or profession on the face of this earth (yeah, go women’s rights!). If you are nervously shoving candied corn into your mouth while shopping for a Halloween costume here are a few suggestions from GoGaFa to you. Go out and knock’ em dead* at your Halloween party contest!

*please refrain from the literal interpretation of this saying kids.

Let’s start with a big no-no.

If you show up to my house asking for candy dressed like this you will pay for my therapy for life.


Photo Credit: Pintrest






Why not be an oversized rat Miley Cyrus and Beetle Juice Robin Thicke Circa 2013 MTV Awards.

another-take-on-miley-cyrus-75eb48b53828837a robin-thicke-36518d6d1aaca08b

Photo Credit: Pintrest






What about Walt from Breaking Bad?  A quick trip to Home Depot and bam-Costume!


Photo Credit: NJ Times






Hulk Hogan anyone? Mustaches are in kids!








Everyday Life:

On a budget, save those toilet paper rolls and BAM -a bowl of Macaroni?!








Baked Potato..anyone-anyone?


Photo Credit: www.heavenlyswords.com


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