Virgin America: It is now safe to dance

I hate flying, but I’m forced to do it because, let’s face it, there isn’t a car or boat that will take me across the Atlantic faster than a plane. There is NOTHING that I like about flying, well, take that back, I do appreciate the free drinks and edible food provided by some carriers. I’m simple. I squeeze my way past laggers, walk in the plane, sit in my tiny seat with limited leg room and stretch my legs to see how far they can go. I then try to release positive thoughts, as if I have special powers, and wish for a decent seat neighbor. Once that is done, I try to relax and tune out the noise. Yup, right past the in-flight safety presentation and the pilot’s monotone introduction.  Yada ,yada, yada same old stuff until NOW! Virgin America has released a new safety video that is generating some buzz. A 3D video you say!?? Nope, just a regular music video, but it is a new take on an old presentation. Whether you like the video or not, the crew looks good in their new uniforms. Virgin America’s collaboration with Banana Republic hit a fashion win with its homage to airline uniforms of the 60’s and 70’s. With all the A-line skirts and neck scarfs we can all pretend we are in a MadMen episode.-one Tom Collins please. Well, Virgin America, if (knock on wood) I am ever in an in-flight emergency and need to remember what to do with my seat cushion or seat belt, I’ll rap the part of the girl in the video or reenact the dance moves to help out my fellow travelers.




Check out the video:

Here are some other interesting safety videos. What will the people demand! Song and dance? Artistic Creativity? Cute kids?


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