Breaking News: BatKid Spotted in San Francisco.

Don’t let his size fool you people! This new superhero called to save Gotham San Francisco has unmatched strength and determination! He is the new kid phenomenon and he is here to save the day! He goes by the name…. BATKID! Make-A-Wish Foundation and the people of San Francisco showed an altruistic side of humanity that I hope inspires more good deeds across our world. So who is the pint-sized crusader?! Miles Scott, a 5 year-old from Northern California, has been wining the battle against leukemia since he was diagnosed with the diseases at 18 months old (according to family he is in remission). Doing with they do best, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, along with 11,000 volunteers, made Miles’ dream of portraying batman a reality. Follow the adventure and cheer him on  #SFBatkid. Batkid has everyone on  his side, he even got a shoutout from the president on vine!



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