Free events for New Year’s Eve 2013 in and around Los Angeles.

“It is in his digital crumbs and emotional scars that he looked back at his year of highs and lows. To say he was a better man was not necessarily so, but to say he was a changed man was the truth.”KMF

It was a bitter, yet sweet year for many of us and let’s be honest, holiday shopping has left us with emaciated wallets. So, if you only have change in your pocket, fear not, you can still send off 2013 with a bang. Here are some places to party the !#&@ out of 2013 in and around Los Angeles for FREE!






Grand Park

Angelinos can now gather in masses to ring in the New Year; much like they do in  that other city on the east coast.

When: 6pm-12:30 am

Where: 200 N. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, 90012

Entrance Cost: $0

Food: Yes (Food Trucks)

Alcohol: Cash Bar


New Year’s Even at Mount Olympus aka The Abbey

Want to usher in 2014 wrapped in a bed sheet? The Abbey is hosting a toga party because, well it can.

Entrance: $0 (There is a $100 VIP fee if you want

When: 8pm-2am

Where: 692 North Robertson, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Food: Yes (Abbey has a kitchen)

Alcohol: The Abbey is a bar








Hermosa Beach New Year’s Eve at Pier Plaza

Get ready to dance 2013 away at this free outdoor concert featuring Lou Giovannetti Big Band.


When: 8 pm -12:30 am

Where: Pier Plaza at the Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA

Food: Yes, you can dine at local restaurants.

Alcohol: Yes, you can grab a drink while you dine at local restaurants.


Your Own House!

Avoid the crowds and galvanize your party people for a night of what ever the hell you want!

When: Who cares what time it starts, just as long as you have toilet paper for your guests, you’ll be fine.

Where: Your house/parent’s house/friend’s house/grandma’s trailer etc.

Food: No food no entrance; Pot luck style.

Alcohol:  Same rules apply here as the food.




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