Frances Ha, I think we’ve met.

Another year has started and for the majority of humans inhabiting this warming planet , it means another year of bull@#*t work and retrospective dreams that never came true. In a blink of an eye,  life became a habit to so many of you reading this. Work, eat, sleep-repeat. To survive you had to adapt and conform to the social stratifications of this world, something you swore you would never do. Viva la teenage rebellion!  Life is awkward; people are awkward. The take away of your existence so far has been obvious. We judge others and we expect greatness a decent amount of satisfaction for our investment in living a humdrum  life. I saw a movie the other week that captured the growing pangs of a New York woman who is not ready to soften out her rough edges. It captured the inevitable transition of suppressing the kooky/awkward personality that many of us posses in our DNA for a “normal” conformed “mature” identity.  Frances Ha is a portrayal of maturity at an age (28) that many of us wouldn’t expect; however, that reality is that it does exist. Not everyone has an extraordinary start to adult life and this film, directed by Noah Baumbach, poignantly captured that experience. We all probably know a Frances, or hell, we are her, that’s why this film has resonated with a large audience. Greta Gerwig deserved that Golden Globe nomination with her portrayal of Frances in this black and white awesomeness of a movie!



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