Valentine’s Day Hype.

Still looking for the ‘blasé’ emoticon status update on Facebook today? Well, stop because according to a new Ramussen report, 63% of American Adults find Valentine’s Day the least important holiday. So go ahead, hold your head high as you walk past the woman in four-inch heels trying to gracefully carry her perfect flowers, overly stuffed-singing bear and chocolates to her car.  Give her a nod, admire her talent, offer to help, but don’t get down; you might just be one of the indifferent souls. Think of today as the day that conjures three personality-types roaming this world: the romantic, the indifferent and the bitter. These three types of souls are not hard to find-you just have to sit back and look. The romantics are the people who live for this day; they wait 364 days to show off their clever, original over the top confessions of love within Valentine’s allotted 24-hour period-wasted creative talent to some. Next we have the indifferent-these lovely people contain no malicious feelings toward this day-or any other ‘cultural’ holiday; they neither look forward to this day nor dread it. Let’s think of them as living by the motto “too blessed to be stressed”-easy going but a difficult demeanor to accept when you expect sympathy for a significant event dear to you. Ah, and what would this world be without the bitter? These people walk around as if their money only allows them to consume sour grapes. You can easily spot them because they are the ones glaring over the cubicle partition at the co-worker who has raved for the past hour about the “totally unexpected” flowers he/she received this morning. Those in this category mumble inaudible words under their breath and when asked to repeat what they said, they smile and turn away, only to mumble more inaudible noises. Whether you fit into one of these personalities or not, enjoy the day, the day being Friday. It’s the start of the weekend and weekends mean No WORK, but if if you are attending a Valentine’s Day party or happen find yourself surrounded by extraordinarily happy-loving people -just embrace it and remember Valentine’s Day was originally an ancient fertility festival called Lupercalia-so make the most of it, like this ad agency did, because you never know who you might meet…



Photo credit: Google



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