The Black Keys Release Addictive New Single ‘Fever’ and Album Release Date.

Few individuals posses the maturity to accept the lonely silence or deep void from a passion, a love, a soul-shaking energy  for almost three freaking years. But when it comes from Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney-also known as the Black Keys, you know that with that silence a sound so vibrant and reverberating is bound to disrupt, in a good way, the sound waves of the universe. If you are asking why or who, let me be the first to welcome you out from under that rock. For the rest of the soul-shaking world, the Black Keys have fulfilled the prophecy of soul and hypnotic rhythms with the release of their new single Fever. According to the band’s website, the new album titled Turn Blue is slated for release on May 13th; this will be the eight LP for the Black Keys. Oh, the sorrow to bid adieu to the beloved 2011 album art of El Camino that features an awesome 1991 Dodge Caravan, but the world moves on in hypnotic ways. The new single Fever is available now for purchase but if you pre-order the bands upcoming album you can get it as an instant download.








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