Outdoor Oasis in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles: Zinc Cafe and Market

Exploring downtown Los Angeles can have its ups and downs; let’s be honest some areas are still a little sketchy, but if you don’t venture away from the mainstream, you won’t find amazing places like Zinc Cafe and Market. Located on the edge of the arts district,  Zinc is a unexpected surprise. Inside the concrete block that houses Zinc, a marketplace awaits your wallet and an outdoor patio your senses. I didn’t purchase anything but a cup of warm tea on my visit; all the tea at Zinc is loose leaf; therefore, you can create a personal blend suitable for your mood. I was told that if you only order tea or coffee the seating was on the right side of the Market. I was a bit underwhelmed with my option. The dining patio on the other side was the place to be; it was peaceful and reminded me of the outdoor patios of Istanbul. I asked the hostess if I could sit on one of the patio chairs and not a table-he agreed. Score! Zinc dilated my pupils with its aesthetics. The cute white lights, the pebble rocks on the floor, the mini water fountain in the middle all work in this hidden patio that takes advantage of the beautiful Los Angeles weather. I didn’t eat any food this time, nor did I have any alcohol, but from my tea-time experience– this new hot spot is a must for a nice evening under the stars.


Adress: 580 Mateo St Los Angeles, CA 90013


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