Function or Fashion: It’s Fall Season in Los Angeles

It’s Fall in Los Angeles and that means nothing.  Hey, no sweat, right my fellow Angelinos, we know better than to cave into the FOMO (fear of missing out) crap.  I’ve lived here almost all my life, so I get the confusion. Some of you, I’m excluding myself from this one, wear beanies in 80 degree weather and winter socks with boat shoes. It’s not your fault, it’s the damn weather, I got you. But, seriously it’s fall and that means millions of people all over the globe are getting the opportunity to hide impending fall/winter muffin tops with oversized sweaters, cover bad hair days with chic hats and spruce up a casual outfit with a fancy cape. Jealous? Whuaa, us no, okay, yes maybe, okay a little more than maybe, but we can’t have it all, yet. It’s just a reality that denizens of Los Angeles live with year after year. I personally love fall, so  I put a tiny list of fall favorites just incase that season decides to make its way to the west coast. Even if it doesn’t, we all know Angelinos don’t care; we know you’re out there and regardless of the perpetual sunny skies, you will wear whatever you damn please because in this city, we know how to break fashion rules and get away with it.

Zara  $249
Top Shop
Top Shop $40
Doc Martens
Doc Martens $130
Zara $39
Zara Plaid
Zara Plaid
Zara Man
Zara Man $39
MichaelKors Boots
MichaelKors Boots $225

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