Life: Balancing Act



Not long ago, I held onto things that caused unbalance in my life. How did I know my life was unbalanced, well after I let go of those things, I felt internal equilibrium and the peace that comes with it. My frown softened and my breathing regulated with the awakening.  It’s not easy to back up from the life we have inherited, created, or stumbled upon, and take a long drag-of-a-look at ourselves. It’s a daunting task to stare into our own image and ask: Where is my comfort? What station is my needle-of-life getting a vivid and clear reception? What words do I ache to hear?  Would a great cry wash away the gunk in my mind? Look, balancing is never easy. Hell, gymnasts practice perfecting that skill over and over again on balance beams-it is just not easy.  Living an unbalanced life causes our confidence, consciousness, and happiness to teeter and totter when we attempt to walk our own narrow beam of life. Have you ever tried to find your balance with out your arms shooting out to the side?

It is our instinct to find balance. Finding our internal balance takes practice and patience, but certitude is imbedded within our mind.  It makes us feel, feel that we can accomplish tasks and that we deserve the best.  As we walk between the doors of life, we enter each one with new insight and leave old outlooks behind, we let go of  layers that have grown over our intrinsic needs. What ever is holding you down, making you feel negativity in your life, identify it and release it. It could be the root of pushing good people out of your life and letting negative ones in.  When we find the ability to shift into the positive realm of thinking the right elements in our being begin to find each other and connect.  Learning to see the signs of an external storm is one of the skills we train for throughout life.

We tend to forget that we carry internal storms as well, and those storm must be addressed and dealt with accordingly. Preparing for the best and worst is an understated skill we refine daily. Accepting the pain accompanied with realizing you are not where you want to be  is the maturation of the conscious mind. Learning to accept it and make a difference is movement into positive. Love yourself; look up and not just dow- feel alive.

Ways that help me find inner balance:

  1. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) should be a word you let slip into oblivion. Create your own something.
  2. Don’t immediately internalize words. Hear them, understand them and then respond.
  3. Slow down.
  4. Laugh. Laugh at anything: ridiculous YouTube videos, comedy shows, etc.
  5. Cherish and hold onto friends. They are there to help you when you fall. Reach out more to them.
  6. Learn how to gracefully and assertively say NO.
  7. *Try Yoga and meditative breathing.

*please seek medical expertise if you start training for anything out of your ordinary routine.



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