Where The Heart Is…

I hate flying. I still do, but I love to travel and I love to explore, and without that uncomfortable feeling I wouldn’t get to where I need to go.  That’s what I learned about life this year. The ugly feeling in the pit of our stomach is normal. It is telling us that at that very moment we are making a decision that is impacting us. As the holidays inch closer, and we are busy finding gifts to give and outfits to wear, it is healthy to take a step back and look at the way we are living.  Look at where we wanted to be and with who we wanted to be with— digest it. Looking back, life can look cruel or beautiful—that’s life. Take out a paper and a pen, and write down your goals. Carry them with you and believe in yourself. I promise you will see progress in time, and time is all we have.

Oh if you need help looking good this holiday season here are a few suggestions:

Yargici $132 Turkish Lira
Zara Top $29 dollars
Topshop $90 dollars





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