Brunch Spot: Sqirl in Silver Lake

–”What’s that?” my friend asked as we were driving past a line of people outside a cafe in Silver Lake.

–”I don’t know?” I responded intrigued. The place was overflowing with people; then it hit me. It was Sqirl, a  vegan friendly spot (nope, not a vegan) that was on my list of places to try.

We found parking and darted across the street to stand in line under the gleaming fall sun. After 10 minutes of people watching and getting bored in line, we grabbed a menu and oohed and ahhed at the selection. We had our ordering game plane set —fist pump, but then we entered inside and everything changed.  On a small board to the right there was a list of owner Jessica Koslow’s homemade jams. Boom, we changed our order, and decided on the burnt brioche toast with ricotta and jam. Get this, get this, get this! It is a beautiful marriage of everything you never knew you were missing in your food loving life. We also tried the pesto rice bowl. It was tangy and tart, and I guarantee it will  jumpstart your tastebuds. After being away from LA for so long, it was nice reacquainting  with delicious food that leaves a lasting impression on my deprived tastebuds.


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