Reality does bite…


I sat on a couch talking with friends, all of whom are in their late twenties and mid-thirties the other night, and one thing seemed apparent; they all wanted more. More money, more love, more happiness, more self-growth, just more. I sat and reflected on the conversation: nothing is what it seems as we grow older, we get stuck reflecting on the decisions that directed us to the lives we now live. Some of us let go of  great people and pure love prematurely not knowing that in the end those are the two things we might crave the most.

So, do we give up on dreams, on people, on ourselves? Do we settle because we we feel society has given us a crap hand of opportunity? You know the answer. Sometimes we need to detach to reattach ourselves to the true foundations of being. The pain and growth is in balance.

I usually ask people if they believe in destiny. I once did, am I’m not sure I still do. I know I didn’t do my part in sustaining it, maybe that was my destiny–to learn failure and self-worth. Maybe, I still have a shot at that destiny; time will tell.  Many nights I ponder, is destiny truly destined to move us to our predetermined life? Maybe, but it takes effort and some really hard days that will knock you so low you might think you can’t go on. Trust me, you will. You are stronger that you think and every step forward is a step away from getting stuck in a moment of regretful reflection.



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