Attention Foodies: Eat at Forage in Silver Lake


Forage: (Verb) To search widely for food or provisions.

Walking down Sunset Blvd in the heart of Silver Lake you will find one of the best spots to eat in town. Forage is located in an unassuming spot, but don’t underestimate it because it is home to fiercely fresh food prepared Tuesday – Saturday. Once you walk inside the restaurant, your mouth will water with the beautifully displayed vegetable dishes and protein options. Good luck making your final selection. The cool part is that all dishes are prepared with local ingredients from farmer’s markets. It’s paradise for veggie lovers.

Chef-owner is Jason Kim, who worked as a sous chef at Lucques is doing everything right at Forage, and gogafa can’t thank him enough for bringing his savory and sweet creations to us Angelinos!

Check out the daily menu on their website before hand if you are interested in knowing what’s cooking in the kitchen that day.



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