Artist Spotlight: Who Is Jeff Koons?



Do you remember those clowns who would twist balloons in a million ways to create a dog, sword or bouquet of flowers? Trust me, if you’ve seen one in action, well it’s impossible to forget. As a child, I remember watching those clowns with my eyes squinted, shoulders raised, and anxiety brewing in my head. The anticipation of the balloon popping from them twisting one too many times was unforgettable.  Apparently, I am not the only one who remembers those clowns and their balloon creations, the only difference is that Jeff Koons is making a ton of money in the contemporary art scene from his nostalgia.

Jeff Koons, who was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1955 just celebrated his birthday and random folks were giving him birthday shoutouts on twitter. So who is this guy?  He is an artist, and one aspect of his artwork is replicating everyday objects such as the balloon animals I wrote about earlier. He recreates these inflatable objects with stainless steel and produces a surface so reflective it’s mirror-like. If you see Koons inflatable pieces in person, I must say, they are quite impressive and attention grabbing. Whether you like his pieces or not, he is a trending name in the contemporary art scene, and as I said in my previous post Date Night: The Broad Museum,  you can see some of his work at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles.

Check out his work here:


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