Eat Here: Silver Lake Ramen


Ramen: A Japanese noodle soup dish.

Oh, Silver Lake, CA you have drawn me in again with your eateries. Usually, my go to after party snack is a couple of tacos with a side of salsa, but last weekend I stepped outside my comfort zone.

Friend: “Let’s get ramen!”

Me: “Uh, okay…hmm”

I wasn’t too thrilled, but I was game; Los Angeles is known to have many great Ramen spots. Apparently, until that night, I wasn’t eating the good stuff. My experience with ramen started out with good old top ramen cups in college and progressed to the “real” stuff later in life. The “real” stuff left much to be desired, but the way my friend talked up Silver Lake Ramen, I had to give it a try.

Thank you friend! I applaud your persistence and your palate. The place is simple, open late at night and located in a parking lot right off of Sunset Blvd. The thick-cut golden pork floating in this bowl of noodles was delicious and nothing like previous pieces of pork I had scarfed down in ramen bowl. There are long lines depending on the time you decide to go, but it is worth it.

SilverLake Ramen

2927 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026





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