Selling Love: Love Freely This Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day is the time when marketing campaigns start slapping lovers, and those lacking one, with print, radio and television advertisements reminding them that modern love is displayed with monetary,shiny and materialistic gifts.

As February 14th inches closer, bitterness foams on the lips of the broken-hearted, hope steams from the hearts of  hopeless romantics, and love erupts through the chest of lovers around the world. Here at gogafa we would like to look at Valentine’s day as a day to acknowledge what we do have in our lives, whether that is health, love, family, friends, work, or any noun that brings us happiness.

Life is the best lover; when you find yourself loving it, you are inevitably loved back by what life will give you. Share your happiness with others every chance you can.

Best Ways to Love Life (with or without a partner):

  1. Do what you love; feed your curiosity and creativity.
  2. Share your happiness with others. What you throw out you inevitably receive.
  3. Indulge in yourself. Pamper yourself whatever way you wish at least once a week (spa, Hulu/Netflix binge watching alone on a couch, ordering take-out, etc).
  4. It is imperative to love the life your live because that is when you will feel the love of life.

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