Eat Here: B.S. Taqueria in Los Angeles


Mexican restaurants sprinkle the city of Los Angeles like cars do our freeways; they are everywhere and after a while you don’t notice them. However, Chef Ray Garcia’s restaurant B.S. Taqueria is like that one cool 1960’s car idling on the freeway grabbing everyone’s attention.

The tortillas are thick and are made with GMO free flour. The meats are succulent and leave your palate fully dazed by the goodness of it all. Garcia’s B.S. Taqueria is a mashup of his creative culinary skills and his comfort food, and we are lucky to have his creations here in Los Angeles.

You will commit a sin if you do not order the churros. Have you ever bit into a cloud with cinnamon? That is the only way I can describe the most fluffiest churros I have ever chomped on in my life. I was so intrigued by the fluff in the churro, that I asked my friendly server about it. According to her, the chef uses imported flour from Japan to get that airy consistency.  GET THEM!

Before you head on over to downtown to inhale the churros, you should probably know that b.s. is not what you might think; it stands for Broken Spanish Taqueria.







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