Ponder This: Limits


Limits are what we set for ourselves throughout our journey in life. We set them in love, in careers, in friendships, but what happens when we are pushed to the limit and we can’t let go. Are we addicted to wanting something so unattainable when things go awry? I’ll only speak of love in this instance. When you realize you’ve reached your limit, you let go. You unlatch yourself from the pain, the hurt, the ‘what if’, but when it is a devotion so deep, a bond so strong it confuses the mind and the heart. The freedom doesn’t bring the overwhelming feeling of relief and self worth you thought would magically, instantly appear in your cells. This might uproot doubt in the decision; doubt that might always haunt us.  Or, is it simply because some of us are wrapped up in the idea that unfulfilled love is the most romantic, hopeful kind of love? 


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