Artist Spotlight: Marina Abramovic

abramovic-vogue-ukraineMarina Abramovic, born in Belgrade in 1946, is without question one of the most remarkable performance artists of our time. Considered the grandmother of performance art, she has positioned herself as a legend in this medium. Her intense work throws transformative waves  of energy at her audience forcing them to absorb the moment and eschew being passive observers.

Her most moving work:

In 2010, she received mainstream attention with her performance at New York’s Museum of Modern Art titled “The Artist Is Present.” In this performance Abramovic sat in silence with each stranger for one minute. In that piece there is a heart-wrenching moment when she is reunited, unknowingly after 20 years, with her ex-lover, Frank Uwe Laysiepen (known as Ulay). Watch it below.

Makes you miss that one person, right? This moment in “The Artist Is Present,” is a reminder of the power of human connections and the longing of unfulfilled love and reconnecting with that “one.”

 Her most groundbreaking work:

In 1974 she preformed her most notable work, “Rhythm 0,” a six hour performance piece where she relinquished all control to her audience. In this performance she stood in a room with 72 items from knives, honey, wine to a loaded gun with one bullet. By the end of her performance piece she was assaulted and injured; her performance provoked a side of humanity that we don’t always expect to surface. Check out some footage of the piece below.


Currently Abramovic is working on a vast art institute that immerses the audience into removing technology from their lives for six hours to embrace a simplistic experience of life.


*Photo Credit Vogue Ukraine


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